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Family and Youth

Family Outreach

The Urban Family Outreach program provides support and services to families in the Penticton area. In addition, we provide a variety of programs that serve to assist families wanting to enhance both healthy parenting and essential life skills.

Roots Program

The ROOTs program is a referral based program from The Ministry of Children and Family. It’s goal is to connect youth with their aboriginal ancestry and provide cultural plans for foster parents and/or adoptive families. The plan assists caregivers to be culturally sensitive to the needs of the youth in their care. providing a cultural plan/binder with all the contact information that will make a connection with biological families and First Nation communities easier for youth when they are ready to do so.

Foster Parents Support Program

The Foster Parent Coordinator is a liaison between The Ministry of Children and Families (MCF) and foster parents who provide care for aboriginal youth. Foster parents can access the coordinator for support when meeting with MCFD. The coordinator can provide a list of programs and services in the community which may help with building and maintaining a relationship with youth.